Retail Venting


Walmart Shoplifter Shamed

After watching a woman in Walmart shoplifting several items, a guy decided to follow her, she soon realized she was being watched. He started filming when she began pulling item after item out of a purse that at one point was also concealed in her own purse.

New Coworker

  • I saw sketchy people come into work so I follow them around the store.
  • I said, "Hi how are you today?"
  • One of them replied with, "Aye yo yo imma be yo new coworker!!!" And does a gangster thing with his hands
  • I smiled and said, "Hi I'm going to be your manager." and put my hand out to shake his.
  • His friends were like DAMNNNN.

That moment that nobody wants to work Black Friday

I’ve worked in retail before.


From a customer that’s giving you a hard time.

I hate every idiot that comes in saying that, it’s like oh really I wonder why you don’t work in fucking retail anymore!!

Hey fucking watch your kids!!!

- This one time I heard a loud noise in baby, I was in adult. so obviously I checked… it turns out that a child knocked over one of the mannequins… Not just any, a pregnant adult. The fucking kid was at least 3 yrs old. Where the hell did she get that strength?! The best part is that the mom didn’t give two shits hahaha. When they left were were like are you fucking kidding me watch your kid or don’t have any.

I give crying children stickers to shut them up.

- I would see a crying baby in the store then go over to them and would ask “awww do you want a sticker so mommy and daddy can do their shopping?” When in reality I’m thinking… “Shut up, shut up, here’s a sticker.”

Credit Weed

  • Customer: "GIRLLL can you help me find new born girls clothes?"
  • Associate: "Course, um were there certain things you wanted to get for her?
  • Customer: "I want it to fit her but I think she'll be a big babayyy."
  • Associate: "Right over here..."
  • Customer: "Ya'll got any coupons out??"
  • Associate: "Not right now but I can open up a credit card for you and help you save almost 20%! I just need your license and a credit card with your name on it."
  • Customer: "FOR REAL?! Yeah girl, let me grab my license and card out of my pocket!" *instead she grabs a bag of weed out by accident* "OOPS! Girl this sure ain't what you wanted, give me a second..."
  • Associate: *smiles*
  • (this customer made my day, not only did she open up a card but she had a bag of weed on her during my shift)


  • Worker: Hi, would you like to save #% by opening up a credit card with us?
  • Customer: Of course what do I have to do?
  • Worker: Give me your ID & a credit card with your name on it.
  • Customer: *hands them both*
  • Worker: Enter in your SSN so we can verfiy it's you
  • Customer: Um no...

"Why do you need my driver's license?" YOU'RE OPENING A FUCKING CREDIT CARD DON'T GIVE ME THAT SHIT


hahaha yes!! People are idiots these days, they really think they know every fucking thing well fuck you!!!!!

That moment you ask for the customer’s license and they look nothing like it.

- hahahaha!! Yes it happens to me all the time, I would have to do a double take and be like um this doesn’t look like you…